“Piss Off, Athanasian Ghost!” - Part 2



Theological Inception, episode 2 - Riley and Gillespie continue to talk about C.S. Lewis talking about Athanasius talking about Jesus, but there’s no tub of water to fall back into at the end of this podcast.

Our Text: 

Introduction to Athanasius’ On the Incarnation (http://silouanthompson.net/library/early-church/on-the-incarnation/introduction/)

Show Notes:

CS Lewis - Thinking Fellows Podcast

Preaching and the Sacrament - Herman Sasse (We Confess)

Ravel - Bolero

Bunyan- Pilgrim’s Progress

Super Why

Imperial March (Major Key)

Dante - Divine Comedy: Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso

40 Minutes In the Old Testament  - Leviticus and the Sacrificial System (Episode 108ff)

A Shropshire Lad.  1896., XL. Into my heart on air that kills

INTO my heart on air that kills    

  From yon far country blows:    

What are those blue remembered hills,    

  What spires, what farms are those?    

That is the land of lost content,

  I see it shining plain,    

The happy highways where I went    

  And cannot come again.

                        (A. E. Housman, 1859–1936)

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