One sermon, two men, maximum effort



In this episode, Gillespie and Riley jump back into Whitefield's sermon, "The Folly and Danger of Being Not Righteous Enough." This week, they turn a more critical eye on Whitefield's sermon, discussing revivalism, sermonizing, and the purpose of the church.

Our Text:

George Whitefield, "The Folly and Danger of Being Not Righteous Enough”

Show Notes

George Whitefield Biography

Prof. John Pless

Moralistic Therapeutic Deism - Christian Smith

Sunday School movement

J. B. Philips

Is There Forgiveness? Absurdity and Cruelty of Relativist Platitudes (ER)

Ordinary - Michael Horton

Hammer of God - Bo Giertz

Liturgy and Spiritual Awakening - Bo Giertz