Welcome to Banned Books, where we read and converse with the rebel children, the holy mischief-makers of God, who fight against the kind of useless religious, spiritual, and moral methods of life improvement that seek to smother the glory of God in Jesus Christ. We want to introduce you to those who forgot everything except Jesus Christ and him crucified. Some were faithful to the end, and are safe in Jesus' death. Many lost their way and ended up expressing the biggest bad news of all, that we must stop sinning if we want God to like us. 

But, we all struggle with fear of being last, lost, least, littlest, and dead, and so we are here to encourage, challenge, provoke, and maybe even offend you by introducing you to theologians who at one time or another were banned by their church, declared dangerous, or simply vilified for daring to confess that Christ alone is the way, truth, and life. They dare to be called fools for Christ's sake even when their own church throws ever larger stumbling blocks in front of them. This is the Banned Books podcast. Welcome rebel children, holy mischief makers, and fools for Christ. This podcast is for you.


Just what I needed to round out my auto-didactic education. Books were Banned and preachers martyred for the sake of the Gospel. Thanks for bringing these into the light.
— @mountainbadger
I’ve been listening to these two for a while now. I appreciate the topics and their perspectives.
— @CraftyHoosierMama